A Great Place To Live

A Great Place To Live

Grandview Museum

1969 – 2019

The Grandview Museum facility is located at 115 W. Wine Country Road. The hours of operation are:  Thursday – Saturday from 2-4 p.m. Volunteer opportunities are also available on Mondays.  Call the number below for detailed information.

The Grandview Museum is also available for group tours. They can be arranged by calling the Grandview Parks and Recreation Department at (509) 882-9219.

Early History Of Explorers to The Pacific Northwest

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The Grandview Museum (formerly know as the Ray E. Powell Museum located at 313 S Division Street) was envisioned by its donor, Ray E. Powell.  The museum facility opened to the public in 1969 which marked the 60th anniversary of the incorporation of the City of Grandview.  On display at the museum, and of prime interest to all ages of people, is the Kiblinger car of about 1900 vintage.  It is one of the very last two that exist, and it is exhibited by Ray Powell and Earl Shirk.

Within the many showcases, you’ll find Veterans’ displays and relics from the Civil, Spanish-American, World Wars I & II, and from the Korean and Vietnamese conflicts.  Of special interest is the original flag from Grandview’s Fred E. Hayes American Legion Post.  Legion hats worn by Alex Parke as Local Commander, for Sixth District, and as State Chaplain, are on display.

You will also find a unique gun collection that contains black powder repeaters of the larger calibers, percussion cap rifles, and even a Hudson Bay Company flintlocking trading gun.  Also displayed is one of the first German double-barreled, breach loading shotguns. It has the “Damascus” barrels, is inlaid with hunting scenes, and is of about 1875 vintage.

You can find a side saddle from the 1880’s, harness bells, horse and ox shoes, fancy beaded Indian jackets and bags, arrowheads and spears.  There are churns, jars, and early day household equipment as well as old carnival, cranberry, ruby-stained and milk glass, and even some rare china.  You’ll be able to explore an array of antique clocks, including marble, wooden and brass.  A genuine “Louis XIV” dating from 1690 is most interesting.

Turn-of-the-Century rooms are furnished in “Early Grandview” motif.  You’ll also be able to enjoy a strictly local area historical section containing school annuals, photography, church and club anniversary books and a copy of THE HISTORY OF GRANDVIEW.  Of special interest is the gallery of annual group photos of Grandview High School graduating classes.